Sublingual Allergy Treatment is now available in Australia. Allergy Drops are a clinically proven alternative to injections

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Allergy immunotherapy  is an allergy treatment program that addresses the root cause of allergy, provides sustained allergy symptom relief and has been shown to reduce the risk of developing asthma.  First, a specific allergy diagnosis is required. Click here To learn more about our IgE Allergy Diagnosis Scratch Test Kit

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Once a diagnosis has been made,  patient specific allergy immunotherapy is a clinically documented effective treatment which reduces or completely removes the patient’s allergic symptoms and the need for traditional, symptom-relieving and costly medication.  Studies show that the treatment not only has a longstanding effect after it is discontinued, it also inhibits the development of asthma or new allergies. An excellent treatment regimen to offer your patients, immunotherapy is  a long term allergy solution. Sanatio Allergy can help your practice integrate allergy diagnostics as well as both subcutaneous (allergy injection) and sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) treatment.  Sanatio Allergy parent company was an early adopter of sublingual immunotherapy in Canada.  We spearheaded the first North American clinical trial of sublingual immunotherapy and have been providing patient specific custom compounded allergy drops for Canadian allergy treatment for more than 10 years.  Use your preferred dosage schedule, or we can provide you with a recommended schedule based on the latest scientific research. With more than 47 years of practical clinical experience, we are committed to providing excellent quality products as well as the support, expertise and service to help you and your patients with the best available allergy treatments.

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Allergy Immunotherapy provides permanent relief for airborne allergies.  Immunotherapy treats the cause of your allergies and does not just mask the symptoms.  Sanatio Allergy has specialized in allergy treatment for more than 47 years.  Sanatio Allergy's parent company was one of the industry leaders to spearhead sublingual immunotherapy in North America.  We were instrumental in the Canadian trial for sublingual allergy treatment in 2001 and have been providing patient-specific allergy serum for sublingual use for more than 6 years.  Talk to your doctor to see if allergy immunotherapy is the right choice for you.  To learn more about sublingual immunotherapy, Download patient information brochure