Sanatio Allergy's works in partnership with Western Allergy Services in Canada, which has established itself as the premier supplier of allergy diagnostics, allergy immunotherapy and atopic treatment since 1972

We pride ourselves on our commitment to bringing our customers the best allergy products available, excellent customer service, and on our innovation as new scientific findings are published.


AllerDetect tests for IgE allergies similar to scratch testing. Allergy testing from AllerDetect or Scratch Testing indicates damaging immune response by the body to a substance, especially pollen, animal dander, a particular food, moulds, or dust mite, to which it has become hypersensitive. Close contact with a very small amount of some allergens such as peanut and venom can potentially trigger a life-threatening reaction in some instances. 

  • One of the most comprehensive allergy tests currently available

  • Addresses inconsistencies that surround ELISA tests and eliminates the high incidence of false-positives

  • Simple to use Dry Blood Spot test (DBS) – performed quickly, without the need to draw blood

  • DBS testing eliminates storage, transportation and usability constraints associated with other types of samples

  • Selection of test profiles including DIETARY, ENVIRONMENTAL, and VENOM

  • Profiles designed to be centered on allergen frequency

  • Results in under two weeks once at the labratory. 


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